Monday, August 13, 2012

Sick of being sick.....

I'm a big baby, I'll admit that.  I rarely get this sinus/cold crap that most of my friends and family get on a regular basis, but when I do get it, I turn into the biggest whiner.  I've been trying out different meds to try and clear this up and I finally settled on this

So far it seems to be the best and now I can breathe a little better but now the tickle in the throat and coughing has started up.  OH JOY!!!  We have our big work party this weekend and I don't want to be sick!  If it doesn't get better by Wednesday, I'm going to beg for the shot in the hip to get this cleared up!

In other news, Cael lost another tooth this weekend. 

It's just the 2nd tooth lost and he was so excited!  He was spending the night at his grandparents Saturday night and their tooth fairy left him $10!!!!!!!  Um hello???  The tooth fairy at our house leaves $2!!!  I hope he's not expecting that tooth fairy to visit everytime!!

This year I joined the Krewe of Artemis and our float, the Ooh La Las, decided to go on a tour of the Old New Orleans Rum Distillery on Saturday.  It was nice to get together with the ladies as I am still trying to put faces and names together.  I took my mom with me to this tour and we had a great time.  I realized when we got home that I had only taken one picture of the whole event and it was of my friend Karen and her mom.  There were plenty of tester shots of rum to go around! 

I still can't believe I forgot to get a pic of me and my mom!!!  I will get better at this!

No pinterest recipes this weekend but I did want to share something I'd pinned that I purchased and have found to be delightful.  I was browsing the hair and makeup boards and several pinners suggested a nude lipstick shade that was great and only costs $1.99.  I was onboard!  The shade is called Bare it All and it's made by Wet n Wild.  Here it is, and I've gotten lots of compliments on it.

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!  Please excuse my face!!!  I just wanted you to get a good look at the color on!!


  1. Ummmm, so here's a question, could you take a pic of the actual lipstick so we can see what color it is???? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  2. Hope you start feeling better soon! Yeh, our tooth fairy only leaves $2 too. I'll have to look for that lip stick.

  3. I had 2 pics of the lipstick and it only posted one! Let me figure this out!