Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Something new....

Yesterday I set off on an adventure to find ingredients for this....

Wendy's Blog

I was mainly looking for the chia seeds and I heard they were at Whole Foods but I didn't want to go all the way into BR to get them.  I remembered we have a lovely little health food store out here in Gonzales called Horn of Plenty, here's their website if you're interested....

Horn of Plenty

They have lots of interesting things in there.  I could do a whole blog post on the strange things I saw.  They did have my chia seeds so I bought those and set out to Walmart for everything else.  Here's my setup this morning....

I chose the chocolate almond milk but I also have the vanilla almond milk that I will try with this recipe as well.  I measured everything out and put it in my Magic Bullet.  It took some extra blending because I wanted to make sure the spinach was all ground up.  Here's what my concoction looked like...

Not so much green, more of a greenish, brownish, grayish color.  I know it looks disgusting and I was scared to even taste it at first but honestly all I could taste was the banana and peanut butter.  It wasn't terrible and I drank the whole thing and made a happy cup!

Right now I'm pretty full and that's a good thing.  I think I'll try this out the rest of the week and see what it does for me.  I need to figure out the calories, that's the one thing I didn't have time to do today.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Double Dose!!

Are you having a bad day?  Feeling blue?  Need a pick-me-up?? 


Andrea's Musings

You won't be disappointed.

When I miss my sister's face....

....it's my favorite way to feel better.  I spend way too much time during the day reading her posts and cracking up. 

Btw, I still don't understand tumblr so don't ask me about it.  Just enjoy! :)

Sick of being sick.....

I'm a big baby, I'll admit that.  I rarely get this sinus/cold crap that most of my friends and family get on a regular basis, but when I do get it, I turn into the biggest whiner.  I've been trying out different meds to try and clear this up and I finally settled on this

So far it seems to be the best and now I can breathe a little better but now the tickle in the throat and coughing has started up.  OH JOY!!!  We have our big work party this weekend and I don't want to be sick!  If it doesn't get better by Wednesday, I'm going to beg for the shot in the hip to get this cleared up!

In other news, Cael lost another tooth this weekend. 

It's just the 2nd tooth lost and he was so excited!  He was spending the night at his grandparents Saturday night and their tooth fairy left him $10!!!!!!!  Um hello???  The tooth fairy at our house leaves $2!!!  I hope he's not expecting that tooth fairy to visit everytime!!

This year I joined the Krewe of Artemis and our float, the Ooh La Las, decided to go on a tour of the Old New Orleans Rum Distillery on Saturday.  It was nice to get together with the ladies as I am still trying to put faces and names together.  I took my mom with me to this tour and we had a great time.  I realized when we got home that I had only taken one picture of the whole event and it was of my friend Karen and her mom.  There were plenty of tester shots of rum to go around! 

I still can't believe I forgot to get a pic of me and my mom!!!  I will get better at this!

No pinterest recipes this weekend but I did want to share something I'd pinned that I purchased and have found to be delightful.  I was browsing the hair and makeup boards and several pinners suggested a nude lipstick shade that was great and only costs $1.99.  I was onboard!  The shade is called Bare it All and it's made by Wet n Wild.  Here it is, and I've gotten lots of compliments on it.

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!  Please excuse my face!!!  I just wanted you to get a good look at the color on!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First Grade...Holla!!!

Today is my little man's first day of FIRST GRADE...

This morning went as smooth as a baby's booty.....BA-HAHAHAHAHA!!!  Hell, even I can't keep a straight face when I say that!  It was chaos as usual but this time I was to blame.  Apparently I didn't get the memo that even when my 6yr old is spelling his last name wrong, I'm not supposed to help him.  MY BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha!!!
Mr. Independent wanted to show off his new $10 Mario Bros backpack that won't likely make it the entire year...lol....

These pics were taken under duress as he was in tears just moments before.  Lord today!!!  Good luck, Mrs. Krass!!!!  He's all yours!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Watch out Betty Crocker!

This weekend I tackled not one, but TWO Pinterest recipes.  That's right, I was feeling ambitious.  This worked out perfectly because we now have lunch and dinner for a few days (I like leftovers for a day or two so I know by tomorrow I'm going to be not so fond of/SICK of these dishes) and I was able to freeze some for later.

The first recipe is called Cheesy Beef Macaroni.  Now, I chose this recipe because of the simple ingredients AND I knew the midget would like it. 
Here's what you need....

2lbs ground meat
1 28oz can of whole tomatoes
1 small onion
1 box of macaroni
1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese
1 cup of shredded mozzarella cheese
1tsp of canola oil
Any additional spices of choice, (ie: Italian Seasoning, Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder...those where the one's I used.)

Chop the onion, add the oil and onion to the pan and cook until clear, then add the ground meat and cook until brown then drain.

Take your can of tomatoes and either use an immersion blender or use your bullet or food processor to puree the tomatoes.  When that's done, add it to your meat and onions.  Bring it to a boil then reduce heat to low and cook for 1hr.

Boil your noodles and drain.  I had a box of penne pasta so I used that.  Then add it to your sauce and let the noodles soak up all the juice.

In hindsight I probably had too many noodles since I used penne but it was fine.  When that's done you pour the whole mixture into a 9x13 casserole dish.  Add the cheese on top and bake in a 400deg oven for about 20min.  Just enough to melt the cheese.

Now, serve it up and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.  You just prepared an easy dinner that everyone will love AND you'll have leftovers! 

Cael was happy to show his nearly empty bowl!!

In other news, I took Cael yesterday to meet his new teacher and get his glasses.  His teacher this year is Mrs. Krass.  She seems nice and I hope she's ready for this kid!  After we met her and dropped off our school supplies we went to the eye doctor to pick up the eagerly anticipated glasses!

He looks so cute and I think I'm gonna cry!!  STOP GROWING!!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekends and pet peeves...

Well, the weekend is a blur already...UGH!!

This weekend we were getting all our back to school gear finished for Cael who starts 1st grade on Wednesday!  AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!  I had purchased several items off his supply list already and I just needed to get the last couple of things plus new uniforms and a booksack.  Off the 3 of us went on what was sure to be a fun-filled adventure.  I just love fighting BR traffic and travelling from store to store to find that one "difficult" item on the supply list.  This year my nemesis was listed as follows...

1 grade 1-2 handwriting tablet

Seems easy enough, right?  Well, I have news for you, I had to go to 2 different Wal-Marts and Office Depot and I'm still not 100% sure what I bought is correct. 

We go this afternoon to drop off supplies and meet his teacher and that's when I'll know for sure. 

Yesterday we went to Ponchatoula to visit my sister, Amanda and nephew Bode.  I was really missing them and I wanted the boys to get together before school starts.  Here is a pic of the weasels!!

They crack me up! 

And thanks to my wonderful sister and rapidly growing nephew, Cael has several pair of uniform shorts to start the new year.  Thanks, Sis!!!

We also skyped with these kids yesterday...

Happy 1st Anniversary to the Abads!  Love y'all!!

I also cooked a couple pinterest recipes this weekend and I'll post on those later.  Let's just say I had a very happy camper! :)

And finally, I'd like to share with everyone my number one one of my many pet peeves.  It's an epidemic that's spreading across restaurants everywhere called SAME SIDE SITTING.  Allow me to explain.  When a couple walks in a restaurant and they are placed in a booth, they choose to sit on the same side of the booth rather than across from each other.  WTH????????  Can ANYONE explain the reasoning for this??  It looks weird and I do not understand it AT ALL!  If there are any SSS out there reading this that want to defend your seating choices, feel free.  For now, I'll leave y'all with a snapshot of some SSS offenders I encountered at Santa Fe on Saturday night...

Friday, August 3, 2012

You get what you pay for...

Just when I think I'm being slick and getting a good deal...

Last week I stopped by my neighborhood Walgreen's to look for a nude shade of lipstick, more on that later, and I happened across the display of Sinful Colors nail polish.  For anyone not familiar with these, they remind me of the OPI brand, without the hefty price tag.  The cost is just $1.99 a bottle and for me, that's a real steal!  Not to mention they have lots of colors to choose from.

What caught my attention last week was the fact that they had several colors that were marked DOWN to $.99!!!!  Who was I to pass up a deal like this????  So I purchased 2 of the sale bottles and last night I polished my nails with one of the shades called Dream On.  The best way to describe this color on my nails is K&B purple.  I loved it until this morning when I woke up to this

And this

And this

Thank goodness I only paid a dollar for this crap.

Lesson learned.